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“We will achieve a free Cuba soon”, that was said by the President of the United States, Donald Trump in the middle of the mad applauses from an auditorium in Miami, the bastion of the anti-Cuban extreme right. 

Curiously, the White House’s chief who lost the popular vote against his democrat rival, demanded “free elections” in the nearby island, and even he dared to give some pieces of advice to the civilian Cuban society.

But, unlike the Cuban people, the multimillionaire leader came into policy just few months earlier; and what is worst is that he has searched the senator Marcos Rubio, a figure with total ignorance of the Latin American’s reality, as “interlocutor” for Latin America’s themes.

Certainly, Trump ignores the history of a nation that even in the worst situations, such as the so called especial period in the 90th s of the past century, starting from the socialist field’s fall and the intensification of the blockade, it survived and recovered, which has always put us in better conditions for facing the old and failed Washington’s policy.

What happens with the current administration is neither more nor less, the same insolent and crazy script that was kept by the consecutive leaders for decades with the goal of trying to change a government that is recognized and approved by the huge majority of the Cuban people.

Nobody told Trump, in order to avoid making the absurd, which Cuba is a free nation since more than fifty years? 

Cuba made a Revolution leaded by Fidel Castro and it learned to resist any type of obstacle: terrorist aggressions, media campaigns and an economic, financial and commercial war that is still alive; a blockade that will be supported and hardened according to what was announced by the current occupant of the White House.

The thing didn’t said by the American President was that in his country thousand of immigrant children are forced to do hard works and without any protection from the State. In fact, the country who boasts about being paradigm of human rights has not ratified the Convention about Children’s Rights.

More than a third of the Afro-American people has suffered some type of discrimination, included the police’s brutality; meanwhile the United States has refused to ratify the International Convention about repression and the apartheid crime’s punishment. 

Neither, the northern country has signed the International Convention for the protection of the rights of all migrant workers and their families.

Certainly, the fact is that the United States is really far from what it preaches. It owns a limited formal obligation with human rights because it has signed just 18 from the 61existing international legal instruments related to the theme.

Donald Trump A free Cuba is what we will achieve soon

The executions, the arrests and police murders because of the skin color, the prohibition of unionizing in many enterprises, the violence and poverty that hurts about the 35% of the people are daily scenes in the richest country in the world. 

However, the issue of human rights is a matter that Washington historically politicizes at the convenience of its decisions, and it has also served for justifying its policy of aggression against the nearby island.

The human rights’ topic was hijacked by the American government and its close allies, as an instrument of pressure for its policies of global domination.

The 842 million hungry people in the world, the 774 million illiterate adults and the 6 million children who die each year from preventable diseases, are not part of the particular vision about human rights and fundamental freedoms of the United States and the rich countries.

Amid this hostile scenario, Cuba remains committed to a genuine international cooperation based on the indivisibility of human rights, non-selectivity and non-politicization.

As the United States’ authorities have reiterated, we are aware that there are and will remain deep differences with the United States’ government in the field of political systems, democracy, human rights and international law; but this small Island ratifies the invariable will that both countries could relate among them in a civilized way within these divergences.

Donald Trump A free Cuba is what we will achieve soon

Over a half century ago Cuba conquered one of the greatest human rights: the full exercise for the people to their right to self-determination in the middle of threats, hostilities and the grave obstacles arising from the blockade imposed for many decades by the United States, an obsolete policy which even violates the rights of American citizens whose their own government prohibits them traveling as tourists to the nearby Island.

But, Donald Trump does not seem to know that and the American president insists in make from this, a free country very soon. It is a ridiculous speech, which crashes against the dignity of an entire nation and the international recognition of the sovereignty, independence and freedom conquered more than fifty years ago by the people of Cuba.